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SQF Code Edition 8 -DRAFT DOCUMENTS for remaining modules are now OPEN for public comment

SQFI has been working for some months on reviewing and updating the SQF Code.  With the help of our Technical Advisory Committee, Certification Bodies, and Training Centers, we have now drafted edition 8 and prepared it for public comment.

Edition 8 offers a series of customized standards for our principal industry groups in the form of individual SQF Codes for the following sectors, encompassing the entire supply chain:

  • SQF Food Safety Fundamentals (For small and developing businesses. Formerly Level 1)
  • SQF Food Safety Code for Primary Production
  • SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing
  • SQF Food Safety Code for Storage and Distribution
  • SQF Food Safety Code for Food Packaging
  • The SQF Retail/Wholesale Grocery Code – NEW!
  • The SQF Quality Code (Formerly Level 3)

The SQF Food Safety Fundamentals and each SQF Food Safety Code will each have their own customized:

  • Part A: Implementing and Maintaining the SQF Code;
  • System Elements (Formerly module 2); and
  • GAP/GMP/GDP/GRP sections (retained as modules 1 – 14)

Each Code will also include a glossary, a list of food sector categories and the SQF Logo Rules of Use and Multi-Site Certification, where applicable.

All Food Safety Codes will be submitted to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for benchmarking to Benchmarking Requirements v 7 for all industry scopes that have GFSI requirements.


The following documents are NOW available for Public Comment! These modules will be open for comment until March 13, 2017:

Module 4: GMP for processing of pet food products

Module 5: GAP for farming of animal products

Module 6: GAP for farming of fish

Module 8: GAP for farming of grains and pulses

Module 9: GMP for pre-processing of animal products

Food Packaging Part A

Food Packaging System Elements

Module 13: GMP for production of food packaging