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SQF Training and Examination FAQs

How do I register for a course offered by SQF Institute?

Click here  to register for a course offered by the SQF Institute. If this is your first time registering for an SQF or FMI event, you will need to create a “Personal Profile.” Click on the “Register Now” link on the FMI meeting website and follow the instructions to create your personal profile.

If a “Register Now” link is not available on the FMI meeting website, then the SQF training course you have selected is full. Please contact the SQF Institute at to be added to the course waitlist.

SQF provides training for all SQF professionals; however, SQF practitioner training is only offered on-site through licensed SQF training centers, or online through Alchemy.

What is the difference between the SQF Implementing the SQF Systems online training and the on-site training offered by a licensed training center?

There is no difference between the two trainings. Both trainings are identical in content. However, the online training can be taken at your convenience, whereas the training in the licensed training centers offers a face-to-face classroom experience, printed course materials and immediate access to a trainer. We work closely with a select group of licensed training centers that meet our requirements as a recognized center of excellence to provide training to the food industry. By offering standardized training materials and requiring registration of all SQF trainers, we are able to ensure consistency in the delivery and content of the educational message of all Implementing SQF Systems trainings.

How do I register for the online Implementing the SQF Systems Training Course and/or exam?

The online Implementing SQF Systems training course  or exam are available through our online vendor, Alchemy. You will be required to register as a new user and create a username and password when first visiting either site.

Please note: The username and password provided when registering for an online training course or online examination are NOT accessible by the SQF Institute.

Should you have any questions in registering or retrieving a username and password please contact the relevant vendor for assistance.

How do I register for the Implementing the SQF Systems training course offered by a licensed training center?

To register for a course offered by one of the SQF licensed training centers, view each of them by clicking here. Click on the appropriate links to contact a training coordinator.

Why doesn’t the on-site training course fee include the online exam fee?

The classroom training and online exam are not always offered as a bundle. This allows prospective SQF Practitioners the option to take the class without sitting the exam. Similarly, you also have the option to sit the exam without having taken the classroom training. SQF Practitioner certificates are only issued, however, upon gaining a passing grade after sitting the online exam. We highly recommend, therefore, that individuals wishing to become SQF Practitioners take both the classroom training AND the exam.

Please note:  Some Training Centers do provide students with vouchers to take the online exam. Prospective students should inquire with the Training Center coordinator about this option.

How long do I have to complete the exam?

Once purchased, the online exam will remain available indefinitely. Once begun, you have 14 days and must be completed in full before the expiry date.

Once started you have 60 minutes in which to complete an attempt to successfully complete the examination.

Can I stop working during the online course and/or exam and resume at a later time?

For the online course, you have access to the course content for 60 days after beginning the course. During the 60-day period, you may start and stop as you please.

For the online exam, however, you may NOT stop and resume the examination at a later time. Once you start the exam, you must complete an attempt within 60 minutes.

What is considered a passing score on the online exam?

Examinees must score 75% on the Implementing the SQF Systems exam and 85% on the Auditing SQF Systems exam in order to achieve a passing grade.

How many attempts can I make at achieving a passing score on the online exam?

You have 3 attempts to pass the online exam. If unable to achieve a passing grade after 3 attempts, you will need to purchase a new exam.

When do I receive my Implementing SQF Systems certificate?

Upon successful completion of the online exam or online course, a certificate is immediately available to you for printing. It is highly recommended that you print this certificate at that time for your records.

I have lost my Implementing SQF Systems certificate. How can I retrieve a new one?

If you completed the Implementing SQF Systems online course through Alchemy and have lost your certificate, you can access it here by utilizing the Alchemy certificate help document.

If you completed the Implementing SQF Systems online course through Learnsomething and have lost your certificate, please contact SQFI. The help document is also located under the “Training Centers” tab, via the “Online Courses” or “Online Exams” pages.

Please note: If you took the Implementing the SQF Systems Course before October 1, 2008, contact SQFI to receive your certificate.

I am having technical issues while taking the online course or exam. Who can I contact for support?

For technical support for the online course or examinations, please access the applicable help document found on this page.