SQFI Releases Guidance Documents for Modules 2 & 11 of SQF Code

The SQF Institute released today, May 9th, 2013, two key documents for those suppliers seeking to implement and maintain an SQF System and for auditors assessing those systems. The documents, titled General Guidance for Developing, Documenting, Implementing, Maintaining, and Auditing an SQF System, are available for modules 2 and 11 of the SQF Code, edition 7.1.

These guidance documents have been designed to provide suppliers interpretations on how to design, develop, document, implement, and maintain an SQF System for a general food processing operation (modules 2 and 11) and to assist SQF registered auditors in auditing the SQF Code, edition 7.

The guides are intended to support the SQF Code, but do not replace it. They are not auditable documents, nor are they definitive and applicable in every situation. Suppliers, consultants, and auditors are required to understand the food safety (and quality, where applicable) risks in a given industry sector and are able to apply the SQF Code to effectively control those risks.

The SQF Institute is grateful for the assistance provided by the SQFI Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and other SQF stakeholders for their assistance in finalizing both documents.

View the SQF Code, Ed. 7.1 Module 2 Guidance Document.

View the SQF Code, Ed. 7.1 Module 11 Guidance Document.

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2 responses to “SQFI Releases Guidance Documents for Modules 2 & 11 of SQF Code”

  1. Robert Samudio says:

    To Whom It Concern:

    October 8,2013
    To Whom It Concern:

    I am the Food Safety/Q.A Manager from Special America’s BBQ Inc. I need the information about how can I get a certification to run a SQF Audit in the future, and also we probably need to be certified for SQF in my meat Plant.

    I am trying to start to review my documentation in case in the future I will be Audit by SQF, so I need to know which Guidance I need to follow up for a Meat and Sausage Plant. You have many Guidance 7.1

    •SQF Code, Ed. 7.1 Module 2 Guidance Document (English)
    •SQF Code, Ed. 7.1 Module 11 Guidance Document (English)
    •SQF Allergen Guidance
    Edition 7.1, Guidance Documents, SQF Code, SQF Institute

    I am Consultant and HACCP Trainer,Food Safety Trainer NationWide, I would like to how can I be a Trainer, and Training people with SQF.

    Robert Samudio
    Food Safety/Q.A Coordinator
    3600 NW 41 st Street
    Miami, Florida 33142- US
    Ph: 305.637.7377 Fax 305.637.7370

    web: http://www.mrtangocorp.com

    • SQFIAdmin says:

      Roberto, thank you for your message. Please click the orange “Get Started” tab on the homepage of the SQFI website to begin the SQF Certification process.

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