SQF Institute Announces 2012 Quality Achievement Award Recipients

SQF Institute announced the winners of the 2012 Quality Achievement Awards on Thursday, November 8th at the 2012 SQF International Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio. SQF Certification Body of the Year, Training Center of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year, and the Outstanding Achievement Award were presented. Awards were distributed for demonstration of superior dedication and support to help endorse and improve the SQF program around the globe. View each category and it’s recipient below.

SQF Certification Body of the Year: EAGLE Food Registrations, Inc.

With over 100 years of experience in the food industry, EAGLE Food Registrations is focused on food safety and quality. This year, EAGLE has devoted a significant amount of time and effort towards revising the SQF Ethical Sourcing program. With representation on multiple committees, EAGLE has provided valuable knowledge and insight for the SQF Program as a whole. It is apparent that EAGLE is poised to position itself as a Certification Body fully committed to the SQF program. When selecting a Certification Body for the SQF certification process, a Supplier recently stated, “Throughout the selection process it became apparent that the philosophies and culture of Eagle Food Registrations aligned well with those of our company.”

SQF Training Center of the Year: Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC)

A global leader in the design and delivery of training courses for the agri‐food industry, Guelph Food Technology Center, or GFTC, boasts 15 years of experience in matters of food safety and quality. As a proud supporter of the SQF program for over 10 years, GFTC was one of the original approved training centers. In the past year, GFTC has delivered 63 SQF training courses to over 1,300 participants with an overall satisfaction rating of 97 percent for delivery of the programs based on course evaluations completed. With an expertise that covers all areas of the industry, GFTC continues to maintain an excellent reputation amongst returning and new clients.

SQF Manufacturer of the Year: FONA International

FONA International Incorporated is built on a commitment to excellence, dedicated to maintaining SQF certification providing customers the highest quality product that meets the highest standards of food safety. Setting the tone for the entire organization, FONA’s leadership and stakeholders are committed to abiding by the strictest standards of food safety. Maintaining an SQF Level 3 certification since 2009, FONA has engaged the entire organization through meetings, extensive trainings, and even internal marketing campaigns—all focused on teaching the vital importance of food safety to protect consumers. Today, FONA champions the SQF program to customers and potential customers, sharing its critical value and importance.

SQF Outstanding Achievement Award: Ms. Vanessa Lindsay, Gourmet Boutique, LLC

In 2008, Vanessa Lindsay navigated Gourmet Boutique LLC from the death grip of a listeria recall to successfully achieving their first SQF certification. With Vanessa’s tenacious and relentless leadership, Gourmet Boutique recovered their reputation and, more importantly, the respect of the industry. Proving her commitment to the SQF Program, it is said that Vanessa once walked onto the facility shipping dock with a crow bar and ripped off a door frame from the wall. With most of the frame torn out and hanging off the wall, Vanessa announced, “Now maintenance HAS to replace it!” Asked what the issue was, she answered, “It’s just too old and I wasn’t about to let some door hurt this facility!” Even today, Vanessa continues her commitment to the SQF program by placing Gourmet Boutique ahead of the pack of their competitors.

Congratulations to all of this year’s SQF Quality Achievement Award winners!


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